I’m Dave Hayes, a self employed marketing/business consultant, based on the South Coast of the UK, about an hour from London and work with the online home based business sector.

How did this come about?, well I brought my first computer in 1998 and immediately discovered that there was a whole new world online and that you could also earn money with affiliate marketing programmes.Now this really appealed to me as I was looking to leave my then secure day job, to work for myself and have more time freedom.

What I did discover as I am sure you can relate to, is that there is no rule book for marketing online and there are very many distractions, which lead you off the road to mandalay as it were and very quickly suck your bank account dry, worse off, you are still stuck at base camp.

Yes, I have trodden that path!~ Between 2002 and 2007, I joined what seemed to be every online affiliate marketing programme under the sun.Now don’t get me wrong, I did earn some money with these and had success too, but not as I was to later learn, anywhere near like the so called ‘gurus’ do.

Now, I was just about to give up on my dream of working for myself, when I was introduced to a superb book, written by one of the leading internet marketing consultants, which totally changed the way I was to approach my online marketing.

As a result I stopped doing everything I was doing, and started following what the book explained and showed, which it has to be said all made total sense.As a result of this, my efforts brought in tangible results which were way better than anything I had previously experienced.

More importantly I re~invested in myself and brought only recommended courses and slowly but surely I found I had an easy to follow step by step online blue print, which not only worked and worked well, but which by following what was explained, attracted new business to me.

In Fact it worked so well, that I was able to do 2 things…


1) Give up my full time day job


2) Start my own full time marketing consultancy and help others


So the purpose of this blog, is two fold.You will see different categories to the left hand side of this blog, which describe in detail how to maximise your social media profiles, so they work for you to attract clients, 24/7.

While, if you would like a step by step blue blueprint of how to earn money online, just like the so called ‘gurus’, and want to avoid what doesn’t work, then please feel free to subscribe to my newsletter, which will explain exactly how to do this.

Finally in finishing this ‘About Me’… You can connect further with me on Facebook, by clicking the logo on the left hand side.




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